EB Catfish Tournament Rules

hopefully you can open the link above to find the “rules” document.. if you have issues please email me via this post and I will send it too ya’ via email…

The registration form will be available at Butte General Store & Marine.. anytime between now and the tournament..  The entry fee is $50 cash (folding money).

Also, we will have a Big Cat pot.. $20 per team (optional).. the heaviest Catfish wins the entire pot..  (winner takes all)..

We will enter the Big Cat of the tournament into the 2017 Big Cat Contest.. that will run through close of business on November 31st.  Here is how it works.. if you catch a Big Cat.. and want to enter it into the contest.. you pay $10 and get it weighed here at Butte General Store & Marine..  You will know your weight, but you will not know anyone else’ weight.  You can enter as many fish as you want, paying $10 each time .. One the evening of November 31st, we will post the weights..  and the winner (biggest fish) will get the entire pot…

any questions,,,, respond to this blog.. or email me… [email protected]

Start brewin’ you stink bait now.. tell mama that the smell is normal…


come see us.





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