About Butte General Store & Marine


900 Highway 195
Elephant Butte NM 87935


Sunday 6am-7:30pm
Monday thru Thrusday 6:30am-7:30pm
Friday & Saturday 6am-9pm (or later, call if ur’ runnin’ late) 

BUTTE MARINE: (Boat & Off Road Sales)
Wednesday thru Saturday 9am -5pm
Sunday 9am-Noonish
Monday & Tuesday Closed

Fishing License

We highly recommend that you visit the New Mexico Fish & Game website to purchase your Fishing License before you leave the house.  We do not offer Fishing Licenses….

Fishing Supplies

Butte General Store and Marine is the only one-stop shop for all your fishing needs in Elephant Butte. We are the ONLY place at the lake that sells minnows! Our General Store provides everything you need to hit the lake—and then some. We carry tubes, rafts and other flotation devices year-round (unlike the big box stores, who get one shipment in early summer then sell until they’re out).

Blue Dog

Blue Dog, Elephant Butte mascotBlue became known as “Blue – Elephant Butte Mascot” in 2012 after Elephant Butte residents and Facebook friends from all over the world united to keep Blue free and living the life to which he was accustomed: wandering from business to business in Elephant Butte, meeting and greeting local residents and visitors.

Ol’ Blue Passed away in late June of 2016…  He passed over layin’ on the floor with his favorite girls petting on him..  pretty fitting for a really cool soul…  The girls here at the General Store still continue to keep his legacy alive.. you can still buy his T-shirts and cards, all to fund the animal rescue efforts in his name…

You can read about Blue and his plight, and how he ultimately was granted freedom, by googling “Blue – Elephant Butte” (results include this article from the New York Times) or by visiting his Facebook page.

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Since his story has touched so many people, his page is dedicated to helping animals, the local shelter and non-profit animal organizations. If you’d like to donate to Blue’s cause, stop by the General Store.

Blue Dog, the official greeter at Butte General Store & Marine