I attended a workshop on Monday that was conducted by the Sierra Count Commission..

The subject was the project to establish a “Minimum Pool” for Elephant Butte… I was very impressed with the amount of effort and resources that have been put forth thus far… The County Commissioners as well as the County Manager have done  a great job of bringing this possibility forward to the point that it is very probable that it will happen…

In a nutshell the logistics of establishing a minimum pool that belongs to the county is VERY involved and complicated.. but here is what I understand.. First, the county must negotiate storage space in the lake with the BOR..  We do have some from a deal that happened in the early 70’s..  But need more..

Second, you must own water…  There are several opportunities to purchase water rights from individuals and municipalities along the Rio Grande… All that it will take is money…. LOTS of Money… but not so much that it is not conceivable..

Third,,, they must negotiate with the BOR a pecking order of where in the stack the counties water storage will reside.. literally, on the bottom of the lake or on the top… or somewhere in the middle… the risk of being on the top is that someday.. if the lake fills back up.. our water could run over the spillway.. like it did in the 70’s..

Told ya that it was arduous… That is just a brief overview.. The county has employed the services of two very respected and accomplished water rights attorneys.. they are very encouraging..

At the workshop were several folks from various State and Federal agencies involved in the project.. they all spoke very enthusiastically about the REAL possibility of pulling this off.  It literally is  in everyone involved best interest.. especially for the economy of the State of NM… More on that later..

No timetable was given.. we were told that it this type of project could take years….  or more..

So, if you have chance to see any of the County Commissioners, or Bruce Swingle (County Manager)… shake their hand..  They deserve it…

On another note…

Our Bass Pro/Nitro Bass Boats NM team fisherman.. Justin Orr placed second in last weekends open tournament here at the lake.. Pretty cool.. it was a tough day for everyone.. lots of fishermen did not weigh in..

thanks for checkin’ in…



Go.. Justin.. Go….
Great Start to the season..

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