WOW,,, two posts in one day… that’s a record..

anyway… you will notice several “off limits” signs put up in select coves by the NM Game & Fish folks..

This is the same project as last year (that was very successful) to attempt to relieve pressure off of bedding fish during the spawn.  the program is voluntary.. so there is no real penalty for fishing in the “off limits” areas.. other than the relentless humiliation that you will receive from other fishermen.

You will also see a string of buoys around some of the signs.. don’t mess with em’ .  they are water sensing devices that help with research that that the GM & Fish guys are doing… everything that they are doing for us is HELPING.. so do your part..

The signs will come down after the spawn.

Please take the program seriously, it WORKS…

When you see the Game & Fish guys on the lake, thank them… they are spending resources on our lake that normally go elsewhere..  Our fishery is starting to develop again through their conservation efforts..

OK… I’m done preachin’

come see us..


one of the “off Limits” signs that you will see….

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