Elephant Butte Lake Fishing Report

Wednesday February 10, 2016

10 February

Starting to find some Stripers..

One the south end of the lake around the Butte.  Just north of the Butte on the East side along the steep ledges.  The Stripers are hangin’ out along the sides waiting for dinner to swim by.  30 feet or more.. even down to 80 feet… you have to just keep making passes at different depths until you find em’ .   Using big jigs or anything that looks like shiny bait fish…

If you can find where the vertical ledges transition into a flat ledge your chances are much better..

Water temp is still pretty cold for the Whites or Crappie to get started. We need to see low 50 deg. temps before anything gets started.. Some Whites have been caught by those hardy souls out fishing for Stripers. The Whites are lethargic and real pale from the cold temps…

Catfish are still active,,, as usuall..

Football is over, NASCAR won’t start for two more weeks, so you do not have an excuse not to come fishin’


grab your kids & some sandwiches and come see us…