Elephant Butte Lake Fishing Report

Friday August 19, 2016


This morning Kevin Gardner from the NM Game & Fish showed up with a truck loaded with 105,000 Black Bass Fingerlings….  Holy Cow Batman… thats a lotta fish..

Ron Gilworth coordinated the Elephant Butte Navy to disperse them.. We had most of the local fishermen as well as a few die hard folks from out of town..  Really a neat deal to see.  So many folks coming together to get a really cool thing done, pretty impressive..

The last several stockings in the last year are starting to produce results already.. so the Black Bass fishery should be improving and getting impressive in the next few seasons..

Yes, the lake is dropping like a proverbial rock..  but that is what happens this time each year… Just a little more drastic this year than most.  But it will all stop next month.. and we will get back to filling up  the lake.  Just Pray For RAIN…

We finally started getting good shipments of Shiners.  So we are well stocked on live bait.  come & get em’

The Whites are still very active.  Jigging off of the bottom with slabs & kastmasters.  15- 20 feet deep around structure or along sandy banks that lead to the backs of coves.  Whites are still very good casting in the backs of coves with white, chrome, chartreuse crankbaits.  Live bait is working very well if you don’t want to cast.  Live bait at night has been very good.  The tires at Rock Canyon has improved in the last week or so.

Early mornings and evenings are still the best bites.. the fish are moving in schools.. so don’t stay in the same place … keep moving..

Frank Vilorio has been putting customers on schools of Whites along the east side, between South Long Point to McRae Canyon.  Fish still have good size too.

Believe it or not, the Walleye are still good along sandy beaches and rock transitions down to 20 feet.  Yellow Wally Divers or most any yellow, chartreuse or chrome crank baits.

Smallmouth are good around large rocky areas, 10 – 20 feet, using flukes and curly tail jigs.

Catfish are very good all over the lake.. they have been relatively small but there are plenty of them.  Same stuff, anything that is dead or smells dead..  we have plenty of bags of dead minnows if you want to bait a spot..   just ask for em’.  if you buy enough stuff, they will be free.. otherwise, it depends on what kind of mood my mother in law is in at the time.. (but their cheep)

I need pictures of fish… so if you get a good picture of your kid or sweetie with a good fish.. send it too me.. I’ll make ya’ famous..

Don’t be afraid to put off the honey-do list till’ next week… come & see us..