Elephant Butte Lake Fishing Report

Friday February 26, 2016


Water temps are rising slowly… the White Bass have started to bite..

Frank Villario has been catching good stringers of whites in the last few days.  Trolling around the Black Bluffs on the east side and around Kettletop..  using white crank baits primarily…

Fish seem to be hanging at around 15 – 20 feet.  some picked up in shallow water so keep changing your attack if you are not finding them..

Some limits are being caught… although I have not seen em’ personally, I have heard the stories…

Caballo is still very strong for White Bass.  White crank baits and anything that looks like a minnow..

The local guys are hunting for the crappie… but not finding them very consistently yet..  But they will be active soon.. I’ll keep you informed..

We have new large bait tank in the back room now.. so we will have twice the fish capacity that we have had in past years.. so when the fish order gets left on the dock in Memphis and misses the plane.. (which happens occasionally) or I screw up and not get my order placed, we will still have plenty of bait..  I can now hold about 250 lbs of live fish.. ( that’s a lot of minnows )..  So when you call to see if we have minnows.. the answer better be YES..

Grab the kids… Leave the honey-doos till next week… come see us..