Elephant Butte Lake Fishing Report

Thursday April 4, 2019


With the weather getting warmer the fishin is pickin up … “let’s enjoy this beautiful weather before it somehow tries to kill us”

The lake is warming nicely.. high 50’s to low 60’s in some spots.

Whites are plentiful, east side and Rock Canyon.  Trolling with white Bombers, yellow / chartreuse crankbaits and live shiners.   10 – 15 feet deep.  The channel south of Kettletop and around Castle Rock have been dependable also.  The Damsite area and around both sides of the Butte have been good in the last few days.  Tossing Sassy Shads or small plastics at the shore line has been productive in 2 -4′ feet of water.   Not much coming from the east side except for Rock Canyon.

Night fishing still very good on live shiners ..

Bank fishing good on the south side of Long Point around the rocks ..  Live shiners, worms, Sassy Shad..

Crappie fishing continues to be good on live bait ,small soft plastics and inline spinners. 4 pound line better.  Castle rock, kettle top,  rock canyon good spots.

Walleye fishing is good on crank baits 12 to 4 feet.  No real hot spots for the Walleye yet.  Most are being caught in the same areas that are producing Whites.. Try live shiners on jig head trolling slow.

Black bass and Smallmouth are staging on secondary points getting ready to spawn.  Both are biting jerk baits, crankbaits and soft Plastics

Thanks to you folks that came to see us at the El Paso Cabela’s last weekend ..  we met a lot of new folks… it amazes me that so many people live on the West side of El Paso and do not know that this lake even exists..  any way… we even sold a boat or two..

Frank Vilorio is catching a lot of fish and getting pretty booked up.. so if want to get him to take you fishing to learn the lake you better call him soon..  His link is at the top of this page..

Tell mama that you are finished with the honey-do list for now…

come see us..


“Don’t get mad at somebody who knows more than you do…. it ain’t their fault!!”


David Bartholomew is putting his customers on nice fish…