Elephant Butte Lake Fishing Report

Saturday May 18, 2019

Fish Kill ?? Now we have the right answer..

All you folks that have been concerned about the amount of dead fish on the lake,  we now know the scientific reason..

Kevin Gardner, Head Fish Biologist at the NM Game & Fish called me with the answer..

He spent time on the lake this week and figured out the story..

The dead fish ( tons of em’) are Small Mouth Buffalo.   also a small amount of Blue Cats and others…

The Small Mouth Buffalo, much like the Kokanee Salmon die after they spawn… (naturally).  Well the SM Buffalo in our lake have not had the correct conditions to spawn in many, many years..

This year the water conditions were just right, at the right time of year and the right temp… etc…

So they spawned…..All of em’ at once.. Now they are dying by the thousands.. that’s why you are seeing the unsightly mess of dead fish floating on the water,,, particularly up North..

The fungus that you see on them is due to the fact that as they have been slowly dying for several weeks, their bodies quit producing antibodies long before they were actually dead.. so they have had no way to fight off the fungus.. basically they started decaying long before they are dead.. YUK… (zombie fish)

So, when you hear any of the crazy, half baked, dooms-day stories about all the fish in the lake dying… You can educate the uniformed with the scientific fact…. It’s Nature doing what Nature does… and sometimes Nature ain’t pretty…

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