Elephant Butte Lake Fishing Report

Thursday May 2, 2019

Fishin’ continues to be very good…

The lake is rising fast..  Rattlesnake is now an island again.. We are getting a little more than 3000 cubic feet per second of water at the upper end.. the dam is still shut… So cross your fingers for a favorable year..  and then again next year.. (is that gettin’ greedy??)

The best bite this week has been the Walleye… nice big 9 or so pound Walleye are common on long gravel point’s in 4 to 10 feet. Chartreuse curly tail jig works good along with Walley Diver crank baits and bottom bouncers with night crawlers.

Nice big Crappie are feeding over the weed beds in the coves on the east side.. Live Shiners and Fatheads have the best bait..  also white curly tail jigs..

Whites are starting to run.  Trolling the east side and around Castle Rock and the coves just south of Kettletop.

The bank fishing has been very good in the last few days.. The South side of Long Point and around Rock Canyon.  Walley as well as Whites are being brought ashore with Curly Tail jigs & crank baits.. as well as tight lining live shiners.  I did get one favorable report from the gravel points North of Long Point on the East side..

Night Fishing has been good in all of the same areas on the bank with night crawlers and live shiners.  Also around any submerged structure with lights and live shiners..

Several reports of small Catfish,,, but the big un’s seem to be hiding..

Tell mama that the honey-do list is just too boring…

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when u feel greedy..remember… “Pigs get fat….hogs get slaughtered!”

Frank Vilorio,, just showin off