Elephant Butte Lake Fishing Report

Wednesday May 9, 2018


With a little tolerable weather this week.. the fishin’ has really gotten good..

Water temperature 63 deg. this morning at mid lake.

Walleye fishing has picked up , catching them in 4 ft to 9 feet of water using plastics (4 To 5 inch grubs, twin tail baits,  curly tail jigs) & yellow Walley divers.  Look for gravel bottoms around the north & east side of Rattlesnake Island, South Long Point. Got some reports of good Walley catches along the cliffs on the East side up North.   Jeff Irvine caught a really nice Walley at night at Marina Del Sure on a shad..   So that tells us that the Walleye are very active all over the lake. I you are not catchin’ em.. move to another spot or try something different..

White bass very good on the normal stuff..   White or chrome crank baits, Kastmasters, Yellow end line spinners, In the  back of coves in  McRae Canyon  and east side of South Long Point, around Rattle Snake island and Dam site marina.

Night fishin’ has come alive.. around the Marinas, especially Rock Canyon and in the back of Rock Canyon..  Got good reports from night Fishin’ last weekend off of the North tip of Horse Island..  Live Shiners under the lights..

Small mouth bass and large mouth bass good around rocky ledges and point’s leading to deep water.

Crappie good on live Fathead minnows and crank baits around Kettle top. Most of the East side rocky areas produced good Crappie this week..  If you are not catchin’ em,  keep movin or keep changin your methods..

Catfish every where, good on cut shad, live Bluegills , stink baits & weenies.. .(how long has it been since you fished with a weenie??)  that’s old school cool!!

The Black Bass are currently spawning, the discharge at the dam has slowed in the last few days.. So they may have a chance to hatch..  PLEASE stay off the bedding fish in the shallows…  Let em have their babies… another week and they will be done..The guys from NM Game & Fish put out the voluntary “please don’t fish in this cove” signs in several coves a few weeks ago.. Some one stole or removed all of them.. Really??   Finally we get some help with good conservation practices and some dummy steals the signs…  Jeeeesh…

Pawn the honey-do list off on the neighbor kid..

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“only a buzzard feeds on his friends ”

Jeff’s pretty exited about his 27″, 8lb Walleye… NICE !!

the Leong family fro Las Cruces & Alb. on Frank’s boat…