Elephant Butte Lake Fishing Report

Friday October 5, 2018


the water clarity is just about zero point nuthin’…

it gets that way about this time of year for a few weeks after the dam shuts down..

problem is that it slows the fishin’ too,,

Frank Vilorio is still finding fish,  but having to work for em’..

Water temperature in AM 71 degrees,

White bass bite is slow,  Still finding them with crankbaits and jigs.. I saw a nice boil of Whites yesterday mid morning in the cove south of Marina Del Sur.. so the Whites are still chasing the bait fish,, you just gotta keep hunting and get lucky..

A few Walleyes are being caught on ledges and rocky points with Walley divers and jigs..

Most all of the action is south of Horse Island.. (thats the south end of the lake)..

No report on Catfish this week.. but they are bound to the good..

Tell Mama that you gotta go fishin’ to help find the fish…

come see us..


“Nobody ever drowned himself in his own sweat”


Israel Gallucci with a nice Walleye caught jiggin’ a white slab on Sunday.



Toni Gallucci with her 6lb 4oz White Drum…