Elephant Butte Lake Fishing Report

Friday June 9, 2017


Not sure what the weather is going to do… but it supposed to be HOT this weekend..

The fishing has slowly gotten better..  The bank fishing is good..

Whites are dependable on Kastmasters, live shiners, end line spinners… (pretty much anything that looks like a minnow)..

Trolling around McRae canyon, North side of Rattlesnake Island, also pretty much any of the major main lake points.. 15 – 30 feet.. Jigging up off of the bottom to mid depth seems pretty dependable.  The Whites are just about everywhere.. so if you don’t hook up in a short period of time… MOVE..  But once you find em’  and they are of any size.. STAY..  don’t leave fish to find fish..

Tight-lining live Shiners from shore off of main lake points seems to be the ticket.. and keep moving to another point till you find fish..

Small-mouths have been showing up around the cliffs and rocky points on the east side, mid lake and points to the north..

Catfish are still on Fire… Rocky areas as well as in the channel up north in the toolies… cut bait and any thing that smells dead. Also, live shiners have produced good catfish.. There are lots ( I mean gazillions) of small catfish.. so if you start catching small ones.. MOVE.. they won’t leave you alone.. and there won’t be any big ones in the area..

Walleye are still fair to good along South Long point.. yellow or chartreuse crank baits and Wally divers.. (we got em’ in stock)

Rock Canyon Marina has been very good for night fishing.  Damsite is also open for night fishing but I have not received any reports from there..  So if you guys fish Damsite at night.. let me know how ya’ do..

I promise to conjure up some big ol’ cinnamon rolls for Saturday morning..

I also have been talked into opening at 5am for the fishing tournament Friday & Saturday.. so if you don’t have anything to do at 5am, come see me.. I’ll buy your coffee…

It’s gonna be too hot to even start on the honey-do list this week… so don’t even try..


come see us



–no one sent any pictures this week.. sorry…