Elephant Butte Lake Fishing Report

Thursday April 11, 2019

fishin’ report is good – to very good…. and windy…

It’s spring in Southern NM…. the wind is blowin’.. yesterday was windier than a fifty-pound bag of whistling lips..

Now that’s windy…

But the fish were bitin’… very well… today also..

Water temperature 58 in the AM

The Crappie are really turning on this spring.. Live bait and small soft plastics is good choice.  Live Fathead minnows is the bait of choice..  slow trolling over the flats on the east side and working the middle and backs of the coves around Kettle top and Castle Rock..  Most folks got out early today and back in before the wind got up too bad..

The White Bass are active also, tossing small soft plastics at the bank on the east side around Castle Rock as well as North side of Long Point  . they don’t seem to have moved back into the coves yet..

The South end around the Butte was pretty active yesterday but not so today.. shallow waters around the island and up close to the bank were the best..

No night fishin reports this week, but you can bet that it will be good..

The weather kinda crapped on the fishin early in the week,  the wind will probably calm down but we are supposed to have some overcast skies.  that just means that it will not be so darn hot to fish..  Most of the fish have been caught in the early to mid mornings..

The catfish have slowed in the last week or so.. what has been caught has not been of any size..

Some Walleye were caught with the Whites on both sides of Long Point.. not many..

You guys check out the Tracker Off-Road website… we are now a dealer.  I spend the day in Salt Lake City on Wednesday for some training.. the vehicles are over the top rugged and built with impressive quality.. We are scheduled to get our first units on the 23rd of this month.. so don’t go buy em anywhere else until you come and check em’ out..

Tell mama that you gotta go fishin’ before it gets to darn hot…

come see us..


“The cowboy that talks about himself too much…..  soon finds that everyone has left the campfire”

Russ and Edna Trager from Zia Kayaks in Elephant Butte got in on some crappie action this week landing some Big slabs.. if you never been in their shop…yur missin’ out…