Elephant Butte Lake Fishing Report

Friday March 16, 2018


We did not have any good reports earlier in the week,, then the wind blew like Zeus’ Butt on Wednesday & Thursday..

Today I got some good reports ..

White Bass are very active in the backs of coves that have rocky outcroppings.. i.e. Behind Castle Rock, Pump House Cove were very active late yesterday and today..  White Bombers and white or chartreuse crank baits.  Kastmasters jigggin’ at 15 -20 feet..

Big Catfish have been found along the rocks in the backs of the same coves.. cut bait and live shiners & Bluegills..

Walley are starting to bite from Kettletop to the north on the east side.. Drifting along rocky ledges with live shiners and trolling with yellow Wally-divers..

Some folks ducked into the back of Ash Canyon to avoid the wind yesterday and did very good catching large Whites…

The river is getting very active with Walleye.. not sure what to tell ya, but lots of folks have been stopping in the mornings to buy Shiners.  Note,,, when fishin on the river, be courteous.. sometimes on the weekends there can be more fishermen than spots on the bank..  sorta like “Combat Fishin’ ”

I have one more clarification on the rules for the Catfish Tournament, so i should be posting them later today or in the AM..

I will try to post them on the website  www.buttemarine.com   as well as on this fishing report..

Tell mama that the fish are startin’ to bite…

Come see us.


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