Elephant Butte Lake Fishing Report

Wednesday December 14, 2016


sorry for the delay in getting reports posted…  Fortunately, we have been really busy during the winter season..

That is the excuse that I am going to use..

The fishing is slow to moderate, better than most winter seasons..

White Bass are scattered and sporadic..Jigs and spoons at 20 feet or deeper.  No patterns to report,

but they seem to be running solo or in small groups along flat sandy bottoms.

Justin Orr is finding largemouth and smallmouth on the main channel points.  Fairly deep at 25 – 40 feet. Back & blue jigs with 3 inch trailer spoons and drop shot..

The fish of the season is CATFISH..  Just about anything that smells dead will work..  Local folks have reported good size Cats caught bank fishing north of Rock Canyon Marina.  Tight-lining with liver and  night crawlers..

Big Cats and lots of em’ are being caught on trot lines off of main lake points at 20-30 feet.

Duck hunting has been really good.  But you are gonna’ work for em.  The best results are up north off of suspended water that is not accessible by boat.  So you gotta’ hike in and hike out..  But be careful, Justin and Frank have a few stories of stranded or stuck hunters.   Make sure that someone knows that you are up there..

thanks to Colin Jackson for this report.. he sent me an email to get me off my butt and get a new report out..  Which goes to show ya’.. i will respond to your requests.. so don’t hesitate to reply..

Just because it’s winter, you can still come fishin’  .. You just gotta’ work harder at it and try stuff that you never have done before..

So tell mama that you are goin’ fishing cause no one else is…

come see us..


Shannon Wilson landed this nice Catfish on her Kayak…