Elephant Butte Lake Fishing Report

Thursday March 7, 2019

Lake is commin’ up!! Fishin’ is gettin’ good…

With the favorable snow pack up north, we have been a getting steady flow of water coming in on the North end… let hope that someone forgets to open the damn….

the weather has been warming nicely, as has the water.. surface temps at mid lake have reached 57-58 deg in the afternoons..

The White Bass have been active along the rocky structures on the North East side.. Yesterday and this morning they were caught below Kettletop in the mouth of Pump House cove, then along the cliffs around Castle Rock..  Trolling with white, chrome, pink or chartreuse Bombers & rattle traps..  some folks are drifting with live shiners on tight lines and catching good fish.. (saves fuel)..

I screwed up last weekend and ran out of Shiners on Sunday morning.. sorry about that.. I misjudged the number of folks that were showing up to fish…  We will get a new shipment on Friday about noonish.. We are now stocking enough fish that we will have a week or so in back stock…

Black Bass and Smallmouth have been very active… main lake and secondary points have been holding good fish at about 15 – 20 feet… tube baits, finesse baits.  The best bet is to start with your “confidence” bait and change from there.

Catfish are very good as usuall,  cut baits, live bluegill or your best stink bait concoction.. early to mid day bite is a good bet.. the best is night fishin’ up north on the points.. check out this U tube video of George Torres catching and releasing a nice Blue Cat..  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Pv0RNVn-Co

Thanks to those of you guys that bought electronics at the El Paso Cabela’s and then came to us for installation.. We are going to be at the Cabela’s in El Paso on March 29 -30 with a passel of boats for a parking lot show..  so come see us… Go by and see Art and the folks at Cabela’s in El Paso.. they fish up here and keep up with whats goin’ on…

anyway…. tell mama’ that the honey do list is done..

come see us..


“never joke with mules or cooks….  they have no sense of humor”

now that’s what it’s all about….