Elephant Butte Lake Fishing Report

Wednesday July 24, 2019

Lake is goin’ down,,, fishin’s pickin up!!

Yea… that’s right.. the water is dropping.. the inflow is now less than the discharge.. but don’t fret.. we are supposed to end the season 10 or so feet down from were we are now.. that will result in a great water level to start next year..  If we get the same weather pattern next winter that we had last winter… how cool would that be ??

The fishin’ has really picked up this last weed,, Frank Vilorio has been putting some serious catches of White Bass and Crappie in the boat ..

Top water fishin for White Bass is back .  the action is very good using Pop R top water lures in the back of McRae and around Rock Canyon is good.  Also got a good report from the back of Ash Canyon this morning.

Slabs are also working good on points  in 15 to 20 feet.

Trolling 6 to 8 ft with crank baits also productive for White bass.

Small mouth bass good also on slabs off ledges 10 to 20 feet, some also being caught on top water plugs.

Crappie have been hittin’  on small grubs and live Fatheads in the shallows of the coves with plenty of submerged brush..

The best bite is still in the early mornings and evenings.. Mornings being the best..

Water temperature this morning was 78 degrees.  Clarity 5 to 6 feet at mid lake.

Walleyes slowed down due to the heat.

Night fishin’ still very good.  Any structure with submerged or floating lights.. The Damsite reservation spots have been producing a lot of nice Whites..

Week before last the Game & Fish officers brought a truck load of Black Bass fingerlings to help stock the lake.. when you see the Game & Fish guys… thank em’ cause this program really works..

Tell Mama that you just gotta get to your fishin hole …

come see us..


“a man with an edgy smile is like a dog with a waggin’ tail… he ain’t happy… he’s nervous”..

16″ Crappie from Frank Vilorio’s boat ..