Elephant Butte Lake Fishing Report

Wednesday April 18, 2018


The fishin’ continues to improve… but the dog-gone wind won’t let anyone go out ..

Today has been beautiful so far.. the week end forecast looks to be OK..

The wind has caused the water temps to drop back into the mid 50 degree range.. 55 deg. at mid lake today.. (Wednesday)

The Whites are still very dependable all over the lake.  White Bombers, crankbaits, live shiners and Kastmasters..

Walleye are being found over the gravel beds around south long point and McRae Canyon ..  Yellow or white cranks baits.. Walley divers…

Large crappies are being caught up north around structure and brush.  Jiggin’ or live Fatheads.

Blacks and Small mouth are very active.   Not sure about were, but the Bass Tournament last week produced bags of fish that we haven’t seen in years…That was good to see..

Kris Flores ( Muddy River Catfishin’) reports that the Flatheads are starting to wake up..  Fresh cut bait or live bait..Watch his YouTube videos for more info…

The report seems to be a general repeat of last weeks details.. So the Spring patterns are starting to settle in..

Tell mama that the wind is not gonna blow at the lake this weekend, so you gotta go fishin..

come see us..


“don’t never interfere with something that ain’t botherin’ ya none”



Paul Hale from Bloomburg TX in Frank Vilorio’s boat.. they got in before the wind started..



looky what the folks at Cabela’s El Paso dropped on us for the Catfish Tournament… WOW!!