Elephant Butte Lake Fishing Report

Wednesday May 25, 2016


bank fishing on long point..

bank fishing on long point..

Well the first big weekend of year is here.. it promises to be nothing short of marginally controlled chaos around here for the next five days or so.. But don’t let that discourage you.. the fishing is GREAT..
The White Bass and Crappie are very aggressive. Hitting any thing that looks like a bait fish. Trolling seems to be the best method of attack for Whites. Crappie are best by drift fishing or tight lining fatheads around weeds or trees in 15 – 20′ of water..

White Bass action is good all over the lake. The best spots are still around Kettletop, Castle Rock, McRae Canyon and parts up north on the east side.. But the beaches and backs of coves on the west side are very productive also. Especially in the late evenings.. Long casting across the ends of coves with chartreuse, white or chrome medium diving crank baits it a good bet.

Night fishing with Shiners around the tires at Rock Canyon and in the rocks on the east side has been very good.

The Walleye are very active around Long Point. Most everywhere that you are fishing for Crappie will also find some Walleye. Frank Vilario is catching impressive stringers of Walleye trolling around Long Point in the “S” Curve and on the Rock Canyon side of Long Point. Using Chartreuse or Chrome 2 1/2″ Wally Divers. ( we sold out, but will have more in on Friday)

Have not received any reports on the Catfish.. Everyone is having too much fun with the Walleye to mess with the stinky baits for Catfish.. But it you are gonna go for Cats.. the patterns are surely the same as the last few reports..(refer back to previous reports) if anyone catches good catfish…let me know..

This is a great time to put your kids on fish.. have not heard much about Perch yet.. will keep you posted..

I plan on making the “Over The Top Cinnamon Rolls” again on Saturday and Sunday morning.. So come & see Nellie and getchya one.. they’ll ruin ya..

The crowds will be big, but you can find plenty of room to fish if you get out early and/or late.. So feed the Honey-do list to the dog.. and come see us..


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Hayden Carters 2.5lb Smallmouth…. that’s what it’s all about!!


Another good day on Frank Vilario’s Guide boat…