Elephant Butte Lake Fishing Report

Thursday July 12, 2018


We are getting some good rains.. that has cooled the temps down also..

The days have been really nice.. the light winds seem to have the water around the banks stirred up as to help the fishin’..

The slightly turbulent water stirs up food for the small fish.. the small fish attract the bigger fish.. that in turn attracts the fishermen..(top of the food chain)..  that in turn attracts more friends to your fish fry.. so everybody wins ??

so much for my way of thinkin”..

Water temperature is in the 73 degree range in the mornings.

Walleye bite is good off the bottom 16 to 26 feet of water using slabs and jigs. Walley have been good on the sand banks of South Long Point, were the sand transitions into rocks..  (same as usual).  Also the larger main lake points have been productive.

White bass very good on the flats of McRae in 10 to 36 feet of water.  East side of Rattlesnake and north east side of Long Point have been the ticket yesterday and today.  Also the North side of Horse island and some action out of the rocks on the south side of the Jungles…

The gulls are back…watch for sea gulls diving down on schools of feeding fish.  Fish with them using slabs spoons, Kastmasters, or White & or Silver crank baits.. when the gulls move.. you move..

The Whites have been very active this week.. just not everywhere like past weeks.. so if you do not catch fish in 15 or 30 minutes… MOVE…

If you are bank fishin’..  stay around main lake points with structure. (rocks)..  use live shiners, crank baits or swim baits for Whites..

Night fishin’ has been very good after dark.. (I cant believe I said that either)..  anyway, night fishin’ from the Marinas is best..  or any of the previously mentioned spots with lights… and coffee…  make sure and call the marinas for availability..

Small mouth bass productive off point’s on top water lures and later on the day in 15 to 20 feet of water with plastics, chartreuse is the best color.

Tell mama that you just gotta go to the lake and see it rain…

come see us


“Good judgment comes from experience…. a lot of that comes from bad judgment”

Lisa and Anthony Saavedra from Belen fished with Frank Vilorio on July 7th to celebrate their 28th anniversary, Congratulations on their anniversary and their catch.+


My nephews Joey & Garrison fished with Justin Orr last week.. He taught them to cast and drag a bait.. They did really well.. Hey Garrison, get yur’ foot off the rod!!!