Elephant Butte Lake Fishing Report

Friday July 21, 2017


The gulls have finally started to show up.  Best around mid-morning..The Whites that are under the gulls have been good sized.  Throwing Kastmasters, White or Chrome slabs or crank baits..

No real pattern to where the action is.. you just have to watch for the birds..

Small mouth bass are hitting very good off of the rocky points..

No word on Black bass.

The Walleye have picked up again, off of points that are leading to deep water, rocky ledges.  Some action at South Long Point.  1/2oz white slabs, 15-20′ jiggin off of the bottom.  Wally Divers are still a good bet also.

Some Crappie have been caught around structure in 15-20′ of water..  Small jigs, live Fatheads seem to be the best.

No word on Catfish, my Catfish guys have not been on the lake lately..

Had a BIG wind blow through yesterday evening.. today’s fishermen are having a hard time finding fish.. But the pattern should return by tomorrow.. that’s my story & I’m stickin’ to it !

Night fishing is still King… Rock Canyon is better, but Damsite is very good..  Live shiners ..

The patterns are changing lately with the season.. so if you guys catch fish… please let me know.. respond to this page or come by..

Cinnamon Rolls on Saturday morning..

Pay the neighbor kid to do your Honey-do list…

come see us..


Don’t know who ya’ are.. but that’s a nice crappie..

Today’s catch on Frank Vilorio’s boat.. NICE!!