Elephant Butte Lake Fishing Report

Friday March 10, 2017


Whites are getting more active …..slowly…

Frank Vilorio is catching Whites in McRae Canyon, using Rattle Traps..

Justin Orr is catching Whites along the rock points of main lake points.. Silver crank baits..

Some one caught a nice haul of Stipers on the north side of Rattlesnake Island fishing with live bait along the rocks..

No reports of Walleyes yet…

Catfish are good (as usual) just about any were with structure at about 15′ or so… live bait, cut bait.. stinky stuff..

Black Bass are slow, no one has given me a good report on Blacks yet..

Small mouth are being caught using the same strategy as Whites.. mainly off the main lake points,  deep (15-20′) using crank-baits..

live bait seems to be the best bet huntin’ for fish.. ( we have plenty)..  Weather should be great this weekend..

Tell mama that you did not see a 2-do list… so you went fishin’


come see us..


more on the Catfish Tournament soon.. like days…