Elephant Butte Lake Fishing Report

Thursday July 6, 2017


sorry about no report for the last two weeks.

… We have been “jumpin through our butts” around here. ..  The fishing has slowed down with the heat.  Hotter temps cause the fish to find deeper water.   Combine that with the fact that the lake is FULL of shad.. the fish are swimming in a smorgasbord of food.. so they are just not very aggressive to eat your bait..     The night fishing is best due to the water cooling down.

Usually night fishing around structure.  Jiggin’ live minnows or small Kastmasters deep using lights..  keep the bait in the edges of the light..  experiment with depth..  you will find em’

White bass have been fair during the day.. early mornings and evenings are best if you fish during the day.. around Rattlesnake island, the McRae flats, and around Castle Rock using live bait, Kastmasters and 1/2ox white slabs seem to be working well this week.

Walleye are fair to good, Walley divers & crank baits are still working well. Yellow, chartreuse and chrome.  South Long Point (as usual),  several were caught north of Kettle Top along “The Wall”..  if you go north of Kettle Top on the east side, you will find it..

Flathead Catfish are biting in shallow water up North and along structure on the the main lake points.. The Muddy River Catfishing Bobber Rig with live Bluegills.. the bigger the Bluegill the better.  Using 8/0 or 11/0 circle hooks..

Blue Cats have been caught all over the lake.

Some Crappie showed up this week with small minnows off of rocky points in the early mornings / late evenings..

the water temps are starting to drop slowly.. (thank goodness.)..  avg. temps at mid lake in the mornings have been around 79 degrees..  We should be seeing the Seagulls show up in the next few weeks..  with the huge amounts of shad, the birds will fly around waiting for the fish to push the shad to the top..  then the fishing will get really active..

Keep ya posted..

Tell mama that it is too hot to do a “honey-do” list

come see us..


Dr. Efrain Rivera with Frank Vilorio landed this 22″ Walley on a white slab in 18′ of water..