Elephant Butte Lake Fishing Report

Thursday April 23, 2020


A lot of folks have been asking if the lake is open if accessed via the Damsite area.. The rule that is posted on the Energy Minerals and Natural Resources website states as follows…

Accessing lakes from Sate Parks managed property is prohibited during this closure. Many lakes have multiple land managers surrounding the lake – if there is legal access through a property managed by another agency, owner or entity, people may access the lakes from those properties.

So you are tempted to assume that you could access the main body of the lake from the Damsite basin.

I asked the head of the NMSP Boating officers here at Elephant Butte. The official answer is NO. That response on Q/A section of the EMNR website is written to encompass all of NM State Parks waters.. Unlike most other lakes in the NM State Park system, Elephant Butte State Park INCLUDES the area of water. So the lake itself is CLOSED and therefore not to be accessed from anywhere.

Well shucks…

But on the bright side, the fishing at the Damsite area continues to improve. I did get reports of White bass schooling an boiling the water surface. Live minnows, curly tail jigs, sassy shads and pretty much anything that looks like a minnow or shiner is a good bet.

Some Crappie were caught in the brush in 15′ or so feet of water on yellow/red jigs and live Fathead minnows.

No one gave a catfish report.

The river has been producing good Whites by casting silver crankbaits and trolling up river with white or silver shallow crankbaits. Don’t try that one in your new boat though..

I did hear about a few nice Walleye caught on the river, not sure what was used..

Just get out and enjoy nature,

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