Elephant Butte Lake Fishing Report

Thursday September 27, 2018


FINALLY….  they shut the gates on the dam..  So now all we have to do is PRAY for water up North..

Maybe we can get a really productive snow pack and fill up more than average before they let it all out next year…

here’s the facts..

they shut the dam two days ago..

07/27/2018 –  2.9% @  4285.38 (elevation above sea level)

other interesting facts..

02/29/1952 the elevation was 4262.17 (23.21′ lower than two days ago)

07/19/2013 the elevation was 4286.33 (.95′ higher than two days ago)

Maximum available elevation is 4415.00  (129.62′ of room to fill er’ up)

So it is at the lowest in recent memory…. but it is still a pretty nice lake..


Anyway… the fishing has slowed down from “Terrific” to ” Pretty Darn Good”

Actually the patterns are the same as the last report.. Just not as active.. So refer to the last fishing report and repeat… You’ll just have to work a little harder..

The Catfish have come alive again though.. Cut bait and bluegills … 20 -25 feet.. around lots of structure.

Sorry that there is not much more to report.. but shutting the dam is reason enough for celebration..

Tell mama that you gotta go see the lake at it’s lowest..

come see us


” A lot of good luck is undeserved…. but then so is a lot of bad luck”

Louis Hernandez with his nice big Blue Cat caught on cut bait… ( at night from the bank)