Elephant Butte Lake Fishing Report

Thursday June 13, 2019

The fish are BACK!! and hungry…. sorta….

The last few weeks have been challenging.. to say the least….  The lake level and water conditions have been changing so rapidly, and the water temps have been staying down due to the extreme amount of run off coming in that the fish are just confused… fish like things to stay steady.. they don’t react well to change.. (sorta like most of us)..  so when the lake is changing so fast they don’t eat.. they hide.. Kevin Gardner, lead Fish Biologist with NM Game & Fish told me that in addition to the rapidly changing water conditions.. there is a hell-of-a-lot more water!!  Think about it.. for several years we have had a certain concentration of fish per gallon of water… now we have a LOT more water and the same amount of fish.. So they are scattered from “Hell to Breakfast”.. that’s a quote…

So that brings up a point that I usually make about this time each year.. The fish are there.. if you are not catchin’ em… CHANGE SOMETHING!!  change baits, change techniques, or just MOVE…  keep changing until you catch fish.. then perfect it!!

That’s how ya learn.. and it’s more fun too…

White bass fishing is picking up around Rock Canyon and the flats of McRae using white and chrome crank baits and live bait.  Ash Canyon and the Damsite area have been very good for White Bass from the shore with live Shiners..

Crappies seem to be on there beds spawning,  best to let them spawn on their beds so we had another good crop for the coming year.  So do your best to let em’ alone and go fish for somethin’ else for a week or so..  Remember when we did not have any Crappie??

Walleyes continue to be best catch using crawl harness on the bottom,  curly tail jigs and crank baits also good,  look for gravel point’s.  A lot of folks are doin’ well walking the shore line of South Long Point and casting Yellow or Chrome Walley divers from the bank..  Also bouncing jigs w/ night crawlers back to the bank..

Night fishing has been very strong in the last few nights.. any structure with lights and live bait..

No reports on Black Bass or Smallmouth this week…..

The annual Jr. Open is this weekend..I think that this is the  40th annual..  So if you have never taken the kids to this event you need to.. the folks that put in on put a lot of effort and resources into it and it’s a really neat deal.. Call Justin @ 575-644-6189…  For you guys that are fishin with live baits or last minute supplies we will be open around 5 am… on Saturday and Sunday… 5 am..that’s perty damn early for this Texas boy..

Tell mama that the fishin’ is getting good… you gotta go…

come see us


I tell the kids, somebody’s gotta win, somebody’s gotta lose. Just don’t fight about it. Just try to get better.      .. Yogi Berra…


don’t know what’s bigger.. the fish or the grin… Justin caught this one yesterday..