Elephant Butte Lake Fishing Report

Friday August 10, 2018


If you haven’t been here in a while.. it looks pretty dismal… but on the bright side, the recent rains up north have slowed the draw down..  Just keep prayin’ for rain this winter.. everyone needs it.. the ski slopes can use it then melt it and send it too us…

The White Bass have been very active just about everywhere.  The South side has been a little more productive.. especially in the early mornings and evenings..Just about everyone tells me that they found Whites in Pirates Cove and the coves to the south.

Today the clouds are giving us a much needed reprieve from the heat..  it is helping the fishin’ also.  This morning we got really good reports on Whites and Walleye.

The Whites are chasing the shad to the top and having a “buffet”.  Just watch for the birds.. The run to em’ and start throwin’ jigs, slabs, silver / white crankbaits, or just about anything that looks like a bait fish.

Bank fishing has been good off of the main lake points..  live Shiners and crank baits.. The south and west sides seem to be good.  Some locals have been driving the beaches, watching for the Whites to “boil” the water.. then jump out and start casting..

Night Fishing has been awesome!  Any main lake points, the North point of Horse Island and the North East side of Rattlesnake.  ( which by the way is accessible on foot now)..  floating lights or submerged LED lights with live Shiners are the ticket..

The Walleye have been very good along the rocky shorelines one the east side.  7′ – 12′ of water.  Trolling below 2 mph.  Also casting Walley divers, or Chartreuse crank baits..  A lot of Walley are caught while fishing for the Whites also.

A few Bass Fisherfolks have been in over the last week saying that the Black Bass fishing has been uncharacteristically GOOD..  not sure of a pattern…no one will tell me that..

No reports on the Catfish.. but it is generally very good this time of year..

Frank Vilorio just coughed up an extreme amount of money to get us to put a new Mercury 300 hp Four Stroke on his Triton guide boat.. So he is back on the water with his main boat… give him a call.. you won’t regret it..

Tell mama that the weather is just too nice to stay home..

come see us..


“The quickest way to double yur money, is to fold it over & put it back in yur pocket”

Frank’s first fishin’ trip with his new motor.. Happy folks with lots of fish.. just like always..