Elephant Butte Lake Fishing Report

Thursday May 30, 2019

The wind sure did’nt help the fishin’ but it was good today…

After that wind last week, the fish are confused… All of the patterns that had been working for several weeks are now different..

The whites have been showing back up as of this morning.  Trolling on the east side shorelines and then jigging with Yellow or Chrome slabs was doing pretty well this morning.  Some nice Whites were caught in Ash Canyon with slab spoons..

Benny Pascal caught several really big Crappie in McRae canyon jiggin’ with small slabs yesterday.

Some Walleye were caught in the same areas around South Long Point on yellow curly tail jigs as well as bouncing jig heads with night crawlers along the gravel beds in 5 – 12 feet.

Nothing on Catfish or Black Bass this week..

This weekend is Game & Fish Free Fishin’ weekend.. in other words a license is NOT required..  But the bag and size limits DO apply…  so ya’ can’t just run a’muck…

Time to get those teenagers away from those dad’burned electronic gizmos and get em’ out  to do sum-thin’ worth while… bring em’ to the lake and go fishin’  ….

We have a huge load of shiners and fatheads commin’ in tomorrow.. so we will have plenty of live bait..

Tell mama that you lost the honey-do list in the wind …

come see us..


” If you work harder than somebody else, chances are you’ll beat him even though he has more talent than you…”       Bart Star,   1934-2019.


Ariana and Helen landed some really nice walleyes on Frank Vilorio’s boat on jigs w/night crawlers..