Elephant Butte Lake Fishing Report

Wednesday August 7, 2019

Walleye are back… Whites are good also..

The Walleye all but disappeared last month from Elephant Butte.  But they are officially back.

Good strong Walleye bite is been found all over the lake over gravel and rock beds.  Bouncing Yellow, Chartreuse or Orange Walley Divers off the bottom.   Also Jig heads with grubbs or night crawlers.

Roy Worley of El Paso caught a really nice Walley on  a Fat Albert grub.  Watermelon green / chartreuse tail on the North East side over rock beds in 12′ of water.

Whites are boiling in the early to mid mornings on the East side up around the Black Bluffs and the Chalk Bluffs.  Jigging is still very good for the whites when you get into the middle of em’.

Top water for whites in the backs of East side coves is still producing good results.

Had two reports of 10 lb. Stripers caught deep under the boiling White Bass schools up around the Black Bluffs.

Night Fishing is still the best for large stringers of Whites.  Damsite, Ash Canyon and just about any rocky structure under the lights at night with live Shiners.

The lake is still droppin’.  It’s supposed to drop another 6 -8 feet and stop.  that’ll make a very good start for next year.  We have been very fortunate this year with the weather patterns.  So, not to be greedy. But “PRAY FOR RAIN”  this winter..

I have been working on the Damsite Marina a few days this week, I have seen LOTS of small bass fingerlings in the shallow water hiding in the brush.. So when you see any of the Game & Fish Officers, thank em’..  they are instrumental in getting the stocking of fish that we need…

It’s been a really rough week for all,,,  get back to what matters,  mend a bridge that you should have mended long ago..

Hug yur family…

come see us..


“Don’t teach your kid to be rich, teach em’ to be happy…. so when they grow up they know the value of things, not the price”

Havn’t seen Roy Worley in a coon’s age… he still ain’t very pretty… ..


Catsy Smolak catches fish while Bill drives the boat..