Elephant Butte Lake Fishing Report

Friday December 21, 2018

Weathers cold…Fishin is warm….

Not many folks fishin’ right now… but those that are are not doin to bad..

Trolling with white, blue/chrome or chartreuse crank baits are bring up large whites and an occasional walleye… Driftin with live shiners has been working for the last few days..

fihsin has not been very dependable, but most folks are catchin a few fish.

The catfish are still very active on cut baits and live bluegills..

No reports on Black Bass or Smallmouth.

Most of the lake activity seems to be duck hunters up north..

I have heard a few stories about hunters shooting birds that they cannot get to, so they leave em’, dead or dyin’..

One question was, ” Can I legally pick them up?”    YES..but only if you have a current hunting license and the appropriate stamp..  Remember you are responsible for the bird just as if you had shot it..

That is what Frank Villorio said and I read the proclamation and agree,,,

Hey Kevin… if you have anything to add, please respond..

The best way is for the shooter NOT to shoot the bird unless you are sure that it will land somewhere that you can retrieve it..  that’s just good sportsmanship and common sense..

I had the Grizzly 1754 MVX brought back up from Cabela’s .. so if you are gonna be here over the holiday, come see it..

We will be closed from Christmas eve ( 24th) through Jan 2nd…

Tell mama that you just gotta try your hand at winter fishin’

come see us..


” Love the folks that God gave ya’ ………. cause he’s gonna need em’ back someday!”



MERRY CHRISTMAS YA’LL ….. from Janice, Bob, Steph, Rockstar, Larry, Sky-lar and Robster…



Mike Padilla caught his first fish Dec 19th.. 23 lb. Striper on a live Shiner… WAY COOL…