Elephant Butte Lake Fishing Report

Thursday April 25, 2019

Weather’s warmin’, fishin’ is too….

You can’t dance, never could sing and it’s too wet to plow.. might as well go fishin’ ..

Water temperature in AM is  60 degrees,  clarity at mid lake is 3 to 4 feet.

The bite has been good most all day.. but better in the mornings and evenings..

White bass fishing is good on white crankbaits,  sassy shad, Kastmasters and live bait.  South long point to Castle rock is good trolling for whites.

Walleye bite is good on curly tail jigs, Walley divers and worms from 3 to 10 feet off the bottom , look for long gravel point’s leading out to main body of the lake.

Crappies are still very active on live bait (Fatheads and Shiners) , Kastmasters,  crank baits and small jigs in 15 to 10 feet of water. Target the back of coves.

Black Bass are still slow to good.. that means – one day they are on… then the next they are not.. Justin did land a nice Hog this week  (see below )  … the Smallmouth have not been biting at all..

Catfish good on frozen shad, cut shad and stink bait upper part of lake, water starts to get murky south of kettle top.

We have all of our back up bait tanks running now.. so we can hold several thousand dozen fish.. so we should not run out of live bait…  if you are running late getting here… call the store and let em’ know when you will be here.. someone will be here to help ya..  (usually)

Kevin and the Game & Fish guys have put the “Off limits” signs in some of the coves.. Please let the fish in these coves rest so they will spawn.. (for obvious reasons).. It is not mandatory,  just makes good sense..

Pay the neighbor’s kid to do the honey-do list…

come see us..


“Don’t hang yur’ wash on someone else’s line”


Mike Cleary, Colton & Mike Salopek and Billy Kirikos when fishin’ on Frank Vilorios boat.. Don’t worry,, Frank survived..



9.6 lbs…. NICE…