Elephant Butte Lake Fishing Report

Friday June 3, 2016


Not much has changed from the last few weeks..

Most species are biting very good..

Most everyone has caught good stringers of Whites, Crappie and especially Walleye.

Whites are good on live minnows, silver & chartreuse & white Sassy Shads, small crank baits or end line spinners.. pretty much anything that imitates a minnow..  they are being caught most everywhere.  On the east side around Kettle Top, Castle Rock, McRae Canyon, Jungles and around Damsite.  Also on the West side in the backs of the coves and along the beaches in the evenings.  If your not catching fish…MOVE… don’t keep repeating a pattern that is not working..

Crappie are hitting on Fathead minnows, the smaller the better.   Mostly on the East side around the weeds in McRae Canyon, around the Jungles, and in the canyons north of Kettle Top.

The best bite is still in the mornings and the evenings.. So you can nap through the afternoon.

I have heard renewed reports of the Black Bass hitting on Enticers and other Jig type baits.  Bouncing through the rocks on the main lake points..

Walleye have been incredible this year.. Still finding Walleye along the south side of Long Point around the sides of most canyons around the main lake points..  Using yellow, chartreuse,chrome & black crank baits and 2-1/2″ Wally Divers..  We got em’ in stock…

Still no info on the Catfish.. But you gotta bet they are out there..

I have finally seen perch hanging around the marinas..  Nothing is fun as to watch a little kid fight a perch on ultralight gear..  usually they are caught on corn kernels or cut up night crawlers.

In case you are not watching the water flows on the internet.. the ol’ lake is rising as you read this.. we have been getting around 1900 cu. ft /sec. coming in up north and loosing around 600 cu. ft/sec. at the dam.  So we are catching water… pretty cool..

Don’t forget to get your license on the NM Game & Fish website before you leave the house..

Nellie will open around 6 am on Saturday & Sunday..(pretty much everyday for that matter).  I will be baking the fresh Cinnamon rolls on Sat. & Sun again.. So don’t miss em’ , they go fast..

Tell mama that you don’t have time for a honey-do list..  you gotta go fishing..

come & see us…