Elephant Butte Lake Fishing Report

Friday August 12, 2016


Fishing patterns have not changed..  so refer to last weeks report for details..

the early morning & evening bite are still the best.  I have noticed that a huge parking lot of boats have staying around the area just south of castle rock on the main lake side, east side.  they have been hangin’ there until late in the morning.. so the Whites must be active there..

We are having trouble with our minnows lately…  the abundance of constant rain in Arkansas is cooling the ponds at the minnow farm.  This causes the mama minnows to build eggs when they are not supposed to.  Then when they get sacked up and shipped on an airplane, the stress causes them to dump the eggs in the bags.. this causes the ammonia in the water to skyrocket.. so what we get on this end is bags & bags of dead shiners…  so we have stopped flying in shiners for a while.. We have doubled up on the Fatheads though, so we do have minnows…

that’s probably more information than you need, but at least you know what to expect when you get here…

The lake is dropping fast as usual for this time of year.. the horror stories have subsided..  the last report that I read on Monday from the BOR says that we can expect another 10 feet or so from that day.. The rains down south have helped with Mexico not calling for as much water as first forecasted.   So we will end up in mid September pretty low.  Not as low as a few years ago though, and we always fill back up.. So it’s not the end of the world..

Just pray for rain..

Cinnamon rolls tomorrow morning.. come getch-ya one

Pay the neighbor kid to do your honey-do list.. & come see us..