Elephant Butte Lake Fishing Report

Tuesday October 13, 2015

Week of 10/13

Most everyone had a tough week trying to find em’ this last weekend..

For the past few days, Justin Orr has been landing big catches of Black Bass, Smallmouth and White Bass working the sides and tips of elongated points throwing crank bates in the mornings..  & catching whites pretty dependably in the backs of shallow elongated coves throwing anything that looks like a minnow.

This morning Bill Smolack told me that he has had very good catches of whites trolling white crank baits along the flats between castle rock and McCray canyon.  fishing at about 15′.   Just pay attention to the shallow areas.

We have a weather system coming in around Friday.. so it will all change for the weekend …maybe… I will try to get some more info later in the week..

Play hookie.. come fishin”