Elephant Butte Lake Fishing Report

Thursday April 23, 2020

Well…. not much has changed… still not supposed to recreate…

the lake is still off limits except for the Damsite basin and the river between the Damn and Caballo

the fishin’ is getting better in the Damsite basin. The whites are startin’ to eat, from 15′ to 25′. Slabs or shad looking crank bait.. Bank fishermen are catchin’ Whites on live shiners. Not dependable, but good enough to go fishin.

Justin and Josh (our Nitro Team fishermen) are starting to see Blacks move around shallow thinking about bedding up…

Crappie have been under the marina and caught on Little Georges and live Fatheads..
The basin has been covered in shad.. so the fishin is a little tough when they have natural food.

Lots of folks are fishin’ the river but no one is gettin’ me any reports. as soon as I get info on the river I will pass it along..if you have never fished the river, call Frank Vilorio, he is guiding on the river..

Our store is still open everyday except Mondays.. We had to close one day to save $$ and still keep everyone employed.. So don’t show up on Monday looking for bait. We still are keeping our tanks full of Shiners and Fatheads..as well as stocked on worms etc…

The fishin’ ain’t great, but it ain’t bad…

So come see us..


“best way to keep yur word, is not to give it foolishly”