Elephant Butte Lake Fishing Report

Friday April 1, 2016


Cold and Windy is the fishing report..

White Bass have stayed steady and are moving a little further south..

McCray canyon has been producing good catches of Whites and Crappie..  Minnows or white / silver crank baits along the edges of the weeds in about 15′ of water seems to be the formula this week..  Mike Alvarado and his son caught good whites in McCray canyon using silver, gold & black Panther Martins.. (that’s old school)…

Black bass have been good just back of the main points..  I have heard of crank baits, spinners and just about every kind of plastic doing good.. so in other words I do not not know what really works other than just gettin’ out there and throwin’ everything in the box until something bites…  But they are starting to come on..

Catfish have been very good (10-15 lbs) up north on the east side in the trees, and at the very tip of long point along the rocks …  10-20 feet deep with just about anything that stinks…  Some of the other rocky areas further south have been producing catfish on trot lines…

Still have not heard any news about Walleye..

Small mouth are sporadic..

The wind has been blowin’ like Zeus’ butt.. and today it is cold.. the weather is supposed to be nicer for the weekend ..

Weather like this will improve your skills…… so don’t be afraid to load up and come see us..