Elephant Butte Lake Fishing Report

Friday March 20, 2020


Sorry that’s its been a while since I posted any news…

As most of you know… the State Park is closed to any & all visitors… NO fishin’ at Elephant Butte or Caballo lakes.. You can however fish at the Damsite facility. Damsite is a BLM lease, so it is technically private. The owners of Damsite welcome you come and fish from the banks.. but please mind you manners.. a few nights ago several groups of folks got rowdy and rude.. just about ruined it for everyone else, cause the owners considered kickin everyone out until this all ends. No boats though, just bank fishin.

Several respectable baskets of White Bass and a few Catfish have been caught from the banks at Damsite. Live minnows and cut bait seem to be a good bet.

Several folks have started fishin the river.. no reports yet, but that’s not a reason not to come and try. Lorenzo from Cabela’s El Paso is fishin the river today.. hopefully he sends me a good report that I can pass along.

Butte General Store & Butte Marine are still open. We will be here pretty much 7 days a week until dark thirty or so.. if you comin’ late please call, we will wait… usually.

I spoke with the administrator of the Elephant Butte St. Park yesterday, Dr. Urban has no choice but to close the Park and lake as it is a directive from the Governor of NM… So don’t take it out on the State Park staff… they would be open if it were their choice.. currently the directive is to be closed till April 9th. (subject to change).

You will notice some new changes here at Butte Marine,, lots of ATVs and Side by Sides have been showing up and leaving as we develop our market.. Please check us out at Trackeroffroad.com . then come getcha one..

Our new office building for the sales staff is finished.. most of you remember my converted garden shed.. well it’s gone and something more substantial is in the same spot..

We have a face here, Terry Dalrymple is on staff as our full time sales associate, part time boat washer, part time store dude, part time repair guy… well you get the idea.. come & say howdy to him.

lots of you folks have been responding about this blog not being active.. sorry bout that. I will be back in the swing of a weekly post (or somewhat weekly).. hopefully we will be gettin’ back out on the water soon… on the bright side, with the fishin’ pressure off, maybe the fish will be bigger, and more active when we get back out there…

Keep yur’ powder dry…come see us..


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