Consign A Boat to Butte Marine

If you want to sell your boat on consignment, give us a call. Butte Marine strives to offer the best used equipment possible to our buyers.

We will only accept boats that are 10 yrs old (from the current year’s model) or newer.

Each unit will be evaluated in our shop to try to find issues that will cause problems for us as well as the buyer. We will perform a compression test as well as start and run the engine to temperature and check all systems (lights, horns, pumps etc.) and repair as needed. If there has not been an impellor replacement in the last two years, one will be installed at the sellers expense.

The price for the inspection is $125.00 (plus repairs and the impellor if needed) and must be paid before the unit is offered for sale.

Clear titles (boat & trailer) must be presented as part of this agreement. No Exceptions.

No Jet Skis.

Consignment Form