Fishin’ Just Got A Lot Better…

Elephant Butte State Park ( the lake ) has been opened up to day use. We can access the water from 6am to 8pm daily… NICE!!

So take a kid fishin!…. you’ll be glad you did…… Johnny Morris.

I do have some feedback from a few of the fishermen that have been one the main lake this week..

White Bass have been hitting in schools in some of same dependable places, North side of McCray canyon, in the opening of some of the main lake coves on the east side, as well at the shore line of South Long Point… using the same dependable stuff as always.. white or silver crankbaits, Jigging when you find schools with Kastmasters, white or silver slabs. Best bet is use what you have used in the past at the same spots that you caught fish in years past..

Top water fishin’ for Whites has turned on way up North on the East side in the openings of coves.. Also, watch for the birds.. there was some good White Bass action under the birds today on the both sides along the shallow banks..

Smallmouth bite is VERY good, sandy or gravel bottoms in McCray canyon, South Long Point and the shallow areas on the west side.. bouncing small crankbaits off the bottom in 6 -10′ …

On the positive side of the closure…. the fish have spawned without any pressure and the water level has been relatively constant.. so the spawn should have been very successful…

water temps have been in the mid to high 60 degree range in most areas..

We saw a few nice Walleye caught in the Damsite basin this week, so they should be getting started on the main lake.. best bet is along gravel beds in 5 -10 feet deep, bouncing yellow or chartreuse Walley Divers or crankbaits on the bottom…

Frank Vilorio is back in business also, so if you want to go fishin’ to really learn this lake, call him up… his link is at the top..

We have live Shiners and Fatheads as well as worms.. (always a sure bet)

The fishin’ is gonna be good..

So come see us..


“a person can pretend to care,,,,but they can’t pretend to be there”