FISHIN’ REPORT — 04/01/21

Well, things are picking up as the weather improves…

The White Bass turned on pretty well in the last few days. Frank Vilorio put his customers on some nice stringers trolling with crank baits, both medium and deep divers. 2 mph seemed to be the magic speed. Chartreuse, White and Pink Bombers as well as Bandit 300s…that seems to be a given this year.. the best areas are on the east side along the rocks, both north and south of Kettletop, as well as the east and south sides of Long Point.
With the spring commin’ on, don’t be afraid to venture north or even over to McCray canyon..
Finally got some action on the Walleye.. a few Walleye were caught around Kettletop. Both trolling for Whites as well as bouncing crank baits in about 10′ of water.. again Yellow and Chartreuse seem to be the color of choice..
No one has seen any schools yet. but they should be schooling soon, so keep an eye out for the boils as well as the birds..
The Catfish are still dependable from the banks and the docks at Damsite. Cut bait, shrimp, liver…. pretty much anything that stinks…

Not sure if you noticed, but our new website is up… check it out..

We are selling Ascend Kayaks now, we got our first load of em’ a few weeks ago. today we have only one left, but we are waiting on another shipment.. so stay tuned..

Casa Taco will be loading us up with “gut grenades” ( burritos ) on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings.. come get’ya one…

We are stockin’ up with merchandise and lake toys as fast as we can get stuff in… you know the whole messed up story about that… We just really appreciate ya’ll comin’ to see us.

Tell mama that your tired of being cooped up during the “plandemic” ..

So come see us…


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