Well, the rumors are partially true about the lake levels.. It seems that the forecasters are telling us that the lake is gonna be VERY low by the end of August. That part is more than likley true.. just like it has been two or three times in last two decades and we some how don’t ever get that bad and we recover quickly… So speakin’ from 30+ years of hangin’ out at this ol’ lake, here’s MY forecast.. The lower Rio Grande farmers have been told to expect something like 4″ of irrigation this season. (basically none).. The City of El Paso as well as the country of Mexico are going to get their contractional amount of water and no more… the water gods at the B.O.R. are forecasting that the water will slowly go down through the first or middle of July.. then fall drastically through August. Now… for the rest of the story.. that forecast is assuming that we will not get a drop of inflow. We are already receiving inflows that soften that drastic forecast and we are forecasted to get a wetter than average summer and fall season.. So, if history repeats itself like it always tends to do, it’s gonna get pretty ugly but not tragic.. we should get a very fast gain in September or when every they close the dam.
Also, on the upside.. there is a consortium of very smart folks around here that have been through this before and are lobbying for a “minimum pool” level to be signed at the Federal level..They have identified some stinky dealings by the State of NM in the upper Rio Grande areas and have a very good chance of getting this done.. (that’s a discussion for another time)

In the meantime lets talk fishin’
The White bass are very aggressive and being caught in large stringers on yellow, chartreuse and white Bombers at around 10 – 15 feet. The best stringers that I have seen have actually been caught on drifting with live Shiners at 10 -15 feet. Also the Jiggin’ season has started so once you find them you stand a good chance if you are jiggin’ with yellow or chrome jigs..
The Walleye are VERY good now.. limits are being caught by most folks in the last few days.. Dragin’ Yellow, pink (yes, pink) crankbaits and Walley Divers in 5-8 feet of water over the gravel beds of South Long Point and even up north on the east side of Monticello canyon. I talked to some folks today that caught their limit of Walleye while jiggin’ for whites in 10 -15 feet in front on Pump House cove.. So basically it’s to get here and go fishin’!!
The same rule applies.. If you don’t catch fish in 30 minutes or so.. somethin’ different..
I have not received any reports from the Black Bass or Smallmouth fishermen.. so I got nuthin’ this week..

Bank fishin’ has picked up.. some Walleye have been caught along South Long Point casting out and bouncing crank baits back in on the bottom.. The night fishin for catfish has started to get real good up north and in the toolies.. Off the end of Long Point in front of Kettle top was a good spot a few nights ago..

Parents don’t frame pictures of their kids playin’ video games… Bring em’ fishin…

Come see us..

I tell the kids, somebody’s gotta win, somebody’s gotta lose. Just don’t fight about it. Just try to get better. Yogi Berra..