Well the weather has improved and so has the fishin’

The White Bass are starting to get aggressive. The males are showing milk and the big females are packed with eggs.. they are hitting defensively. As the lake warms they will probably spawn in several weeks. then they will start eating,,,, and the fishing will be intense…
Trolling along all three sides of long point and the east side about mid lake. Still using chartreuse, chrome/blue or white Bombers & Bandit 300s. or pretty much any good medium diving crank baits.. Some action in Pump House cove today jiggin’ on top of them. Frank Vilorio and the other guides are putting customers on nice stringers of fish.
Early and Mid Morning bite.
Medium Walleye are starting to show up in the same places as the Whites above. Still biting on Walley Divers and crank baits bouncing on the sandy bottoms around mid lake on the East side. South Long Point is always good also.
Black Bass and Smallmouth are a good bet on off the main lake points and secondary points. Plastic creature baits and crank baits
Catfish are still active around the Damsite area. Cut bait and livers, live blue gills when you can find em. If your bank fishin’, this is a good bet.
An occasional Crappie was caught this week up north over the grass beds. I learned the other day that when you slow drift over the thickets and weeds in about 15 or so feet of water.. you see small triangles sticking up from the otherwise flat bottom on your screen.. those are a small groups of Crappie. Go back over them with a small curly tail jig or preferable a live Shiner or Fathead..

Don’t go fishin’ hungry… Stephanie will have the Casa Taco burritos early in the mornings on Friday, Sat. & Sunday.. better than the ol’ Vienna Sausages the your dad kept in his tackle box…

Kids don’t remember their best day of television… TAKE EM’ FISHIN’ !!

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