Lake level is rising every day.. it’s a good thing, but it’s confusing the fish..

Water temps continue to be in the upper 50deg. range in the mornings.. low 60s by mid day at mid lake..

Crappie fishing continues to be very productive, catching them in 18 to 8 feet of water, try back of coves where you can find submerged bushed and big boulders, small shiners or Fathead minnows on a jig head work good, try a bobber to get it away from the boat.

Still no reports from night fishing yet.. but it’s always a good bet.

White bass biting best at the black bluffs on swim and crank baits, drifting with shiners at around 15′.. North side of Rattlesnake and the coves on the South east side also productive..

A few Walleyes being caught on long point and in McRae canyon.. yellow, chartreuse or pink Walley divers, same colors of crankbaits.. 8 – 12 feet deep over gravel banks.

No reports of Black Bass or catfish this week..

Bank fishin’ has been slow with the lake rising fast.. still around Damsite and in the backs of coves on the West side have been the best.. live shiners hanging from a bobber in about 15′ of water.. keep moving… if your not catching fish in 30 minutes or so.. MOVE…

The bite is still the best in the early mornings up till about 10am.. then the wind typically gets started..

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04 26

another good day catching crappie on Frank Vilorio’s boat..