The wind and the rising water levels have made the fishin’ challenging..

This morning’s water temps are around 62 – 63 deg.

The White Bass have started to run in the typical places.. on the north east part of Long point and around kettle top trolling medium diving crankbaits and swim baits and kastmasters between the bank and the channel, minnows working good fishing on points in 10 to 15 feet of water.

Crappie fishing is good in McCrae, rock canyon and at damsite using small minnows and 4 to 6 pound line.

Walleyes starting to bite in 6 to 9 feet of water using flicker shad, Walley Divers and crankbaits, good colors choices are white, chartreuse, chrome with blue back. Some also being caught with big shiners on a jig head trolling slowly off the bottom in 9 to 12 feet, target long gravel points leading towards the channel.

We are stocking the small shiners for the crappie, they seem to be pretty popular.. We also have the standard med-large shiners and Lg. Fathead minnows..

The night fishin is starting to pick up..

Bank fishin is most dependable around the end of Long Point and Damsite.. The main lake points up north on the west side are starting to produce Whites in the afternoon.. That’s a good place to fish when the wind is blowing hard..

Stephanie will have the breakfast burritos on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.. We will also have the food truck open on Saturday and Sunday.. mid day.. Sorry about the inconstant hours last weekend, we had to get the bugs worked out..

Come by and buy a raffle ticket for an Ascend 9T Kayak.. we are selling a deck of cards for $10 per card.. gotta be in person to pick your card and pay cash only.. We will give it away when the cards are gone..

The latest water projections claim that we have enough snow melt in our water shed to continue the current in-flow of over 3000cuft/ sec for the next 30 or more days.. that’s gonna bring in a LOT of water..

Thanks to Frank Vilorio of Land of Enchantment Fishing Adventures for the fishin report..

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