Well the report is somewhat a repeat of last week with a few new twists…

Walleyes are very good on gravel points in 4 to 9 feet of water, bottom bouncers with worm harness using night crawlers is good, jig head with minnows, jig head with paddle tail and curly tails are working good, chartreuse and white are good colors. Crank baits that go down to 9 feet are working good also in Chrome, white. Chartreuse & red.

White bass good around the flats of McRae Canyon. Kettle top and North and East side of Rattlesnake island.
White bass also along gravel banks, and rock or gravel points with crank baits or top water. Keep watching for the birds.. if they are circling, it’s because the Whites are feeding below.
Night fishing is very active and productive.. Live Shiners and Fatheads under lights, pretty much anywhere around structure.

Crappie in the backs of coves on Fathead minnows as well as drop shots.

Large mouth and small mouth off rocky points with creature baits, crank baits, and Senko’s.

The best bite has been early to mid mornings as well as nights…

if your’ not catchin’ fish… whatever your doin, change it up or MOVE… the fish are very active, but every day is a little different..

Stephanie is gonna have the big ol’ gut grenade burritos from Casa Taco this Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings.. come getcha one..

“Raise em’ at the lake with a fishin’ pole……… not in the house with a gaming console” !!

The fishin’ is GREAT…
come see us..


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