Fishin’ has been nothing short of SLOW… usually this time of year we are catching limits of several species..

the last few days, we have been lucky to get a few fish each day, of any species..

The rapidly rising water level is still playing havoc with the fish, they are following different patterns daily..

The water temps have been fluctuating daily also.. the last few day we have seen 72-74 degrees at mid lake in the afternoons..

Today, the folks whom fished the South end reported 68 degrees at the Dam.. Not sure what to make of that …. you would think that it would be warmer at the upper end than at the lower end..

Spoke with Josh Grant at NM Game & Fish and he confirmed what we have been seeing.. the rapidly rising water is spreading the available habitat out and the fish are searching for a place to be comfortable.. The last few years we have seen low spawns and that may be resulting in fewer fish than we are used to..

Frank Vilorio / Land of Enchantment Adventures reported the same issues but has been kinda successful. If anyone catches fish here, it’s Frank.

White bass have been caught using live Shiners, swimbaits, sassy shad and kastmasters. Good spots are jet boat cove, lions beach and south long point.

Fishing for crappies is good using live bait in back of coves 15 to 20 feet of water off the bottom and on top of submerged bushes, McCrae. Ash canyon and around marinas have been productive spots.

A lot of the old local folks that fish weekly here tell me that the fishin’ always gets better after the Carp spawn.. now, I’m not sure how that one works, but it seems to.. On the up side, the Carp have yet to spawn.. so maybe the fishin is due to improve..

This is Father’s Day weekend, always a big crowd.. The Junior Tournament is this weekend also.. so there should be lot of fishermen this weekend..

Stephanie will have breakfast burritos on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings..

The food trailer finally had a good weekend this last week,, so come and get yur lunch or dinner.. it’s worth it.. 11am-5pm

Tell mama that it’s Father’s Day and you wanna go fishin

come see us..


“Parents don’t frame pictures of their kids playing video games”!! TAKE EM FISHIN’