well the patterns are about the same as last week.. the lake temps are still fluctuating around the low 70s at mid lake.. the water level is still rising pretty fast..

The water is getting up into the bushes that have grown over the years.. this is making camping a little challenging with the rising water level but decreasing available beach. but there is plenty of room ..

the fishing is really hard right now.. the fish are still not sure what do do with the expanding habitat and more room..

White bass have been caught using live Shiners, White Bombers, swimbaits, sassy shad and kastmasters. Good spots are jet boat cove, lions beach and south long point.

Fishing for crappies is occasionally good using live bait in back of coves 15 to 20 feet of water off the bottom and on top of submerged bushes, McCrae. Ash canyon and around marinas have been productive spots.

Today, a few locals caught some Walleye on the sandy shores of South Long Point as well as the north shoreline of McRae canyon.

Each day seems to be different, some days are just OK for fishing, most days are very hard to poor.

The night fishing seems to be pretty steady to good on live Shiners under the lights at around 15 – 20 feet with live Shiners..

But, come and fish, the hard conditions will make a good fisherman out of ya when the bite improves.. Just ask Vanessa .

This is obviously the weekend before the 4th of July weekend.. should be pretty busy on the lake so be vigilant of those folks around ya..

We have plenty of live Shiners and Fatheads… Come in and load up..

Stephanie will have the Casa Taco burritos on Friday’ Saturday and Sunday mornings//

Well, just because the fishing is really slow, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t come and go fishing..

Load up and come see us..


“To fish or not to fish? That’s a dumb question,”