well the fishin hasn’t been much better, but there were a few days this week that produced a few fish..

water temps are still fluctuating around 70 – 74 degrees at mid lake..

The Carp did spawn last week or so, not sure what that really means but we will see..

Frank Vilorio did catch fish for his customers but not as many as usual..

Stripers biting on Alabama rigs at the dam, trolling slow at 20 or so feet down..

some White Bass are biting around North Long Point and the South part of Elephant Butte on sassy shad, swim baits and kastmasters.

Live Shiners are still producing constant reports of White Bass during the day,

Night fishing is the best if you can get out around structure or submerged trees with lights.. The Nebo Submerser LED lights seem to be producing the best results at night.. (we got’em in stock)

The Bass tournament last weekend ended with a lot of empty bags by some really good fishermen.. the ones that did catch fish reported that the fish are 5 10 feet down in the coves on the East side.. they are hanging around submerged bushes.. if you not fishin around a bush your not gonna catch fish.. or so several folks reported to me.. Green creature baits were the bait of choice last week..

Caballo still reported a few Walleye this week, bouncing crankbaits and Walley Divers along the rocky banks on the East side along the Cotton Woods..

This is the 4th of July weekend.. so the lake should a beehive of boats and folks enjoying the holiday.. So if your commin the lake, be prepared..

It’s gonna be “Hoter’N Woopie in Woolens” around here.. so jump in the lake if you gotta, but don’t be a statistic..

The best fireworks show in the State is gonna start off of Rattlesnake Island at or around 9pm on Saturday.. grab mama and the young’uns and come watch..

come see us..


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