the Whites are running the shad..

fish top water in the mornings in the backs of coves that go to the main lake.. the Whites are running the shad up the banks…
Whites are also traveling in schools along the edges of the channel in the S curve by Castle Rock. using medium diving crank baits, yellow, white & chartreuse..

Night fishing is still the best. Live shiners under lights around the marinas or rock ledges. The Damsite area has been good.

The Crappie have been good in the Damsite area, as well as DelSur.. live Fathead minnows or small curly tail jigs..

Walleye are still good but slowing a bit.. still dependable alone the sandy banks in 3-5 feel of water. Bouncing Wallydivers or most any crankbaits with a night crawler tail.. some folks are telling me that the green night crawlers are the best.. the Sandy/rocky banks of south Long point And on the east side just south of Kettletop seem to be a good place to start… the bite is best in the morning and seems to die when the sun gets high…

Some nice Black Bass were caught yesterday and today on the sides of main lake coves.. 3-6 feet of water using stick baits ( senko )

No reports on the catfish this week..

This is the 4th of July weekend.. so the lake is going to get pretty crowded. finding a quite place to fish may be a challenge.. but that’s what early morning and night fishin is for..

Stephanie has promised us that she will Kill the cooks at CasaTaco if we don’t get burritos this weekend.. But I’m pretty sure that we will have the big ol’ gut grenades this Friday, Saturdya & Sunday mornings..

thanks to Frank Vilorio and all the folks that frequent our shop for the information to create the fishin report..

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